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national-creative-arts-festivalYou’ve read about Vietnam documentary film and viewed the photos taken by other veterans. Here you can decide what you like to order. Maybe the DVD ? Or a T-shirt ? With the option to include the name of a veteran you remember while serving in country. Or a coffee cup? Or maybe all three ? The T-shirts are available in white,steel gray or black, for men and women. Twenty percent of all sales go to homeless veterans programs throughout the United States. About the film, this is not a slick Hollywood production shot in High Definition (HD). This was done by myself without fancy camera angles. This was shot either from a tripod or hand held. The technique is known as “run and gun” going from one location to the next ! This is our history , now preserved to share with those who were not able to travel to Washington D.C. Or you want to share with friends or as a keepsake for years to come ! The film is the cornerstone of building a foundation to generate money for future projects about veterans in our country. The two volume DVD set is $19.99 includes shipping and handling. The T- shirt is $22.50, sizes (S-L) includes shipping and handling. XL- 2XL, add $1.80, your choice of white, steel gray or black. Personalize the T-shirt with the name of a veteran you like to remember, add $7.00. The personalize T-shirts varies by size difference of Large vs. XL-2XL prices (includes shipping and handling). The coffee cups are 11 oz size are only available in white at this time are $18.00 (includes shipping and handling). Allow one extra week for the personalize T-shirt.  All sales are final !   Thank You for your interest and support. Mark Arguello Weekend to Remember Film Dvd – 2 Volume Set         Weekend to Remember Film-  T-shirt                          Weekend to Remember Film-  Mug


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