A Weekend To Remember Film - Photo Gallery - Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Womens Memorial, National Mall, Three Soldiers, 101st Airborne Division, Navajo Nation veterans, South Vietnam tribute, are some of the photos taken by Vietnam veterans. Bruce Fonnest of the 39th Combat Engineers; Ray Benson, Air Force veteran, Phan Rang airbase, Republic of Vietnam, 1966-1967; and James Misilak, U.S. Army, Camp Holloway, Pleiku, Republic of Vietnam are contributors. When I reached out to those who attended the Veterans Day Parade at Washington D.C. , 2007. Over two thousand photos were submitted for review from these veterans. These are only a sampling of what occurred during the Veterans Day weekend, 2007 in Washington D.C. These are representation of the Veterans Day parade, reunions that I didn't know of while I was filming.

My heartfelt thanks goes to these veterans for their contribution to the film project and the website.

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