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Ultimate Sacrifice

Sacrifice unknown – Marine, Cmbt. Engineer 1968

Robert C .Weiss, graduated from Tennyson High School, June 1967. He entered the U.S. Marines and not much is known about him after he completed Basic Training. He received orders for Vietnam and not much is known about him prior to his death in combat. Here is picture of Robert C Weiss at the Senior […]

Battle of the Bulge veteran

29th Infantry Division – 99th Infantry Division

Raymond Gomez, 116th Regiment, 29th Infantry Division, D- day, June 6th 1944. Philip Gonzalez, Battle of the Bulge, 99th Infantry Division their sacrifices are remembered Christmas, Dec. 25th , 2014. December 4th, 2014; I have the Honor and Privilege of meeting Raymond Gomez at lunch after attending funeral of close friend. It was during lunch […]

Barry Jay Baker, Corporal

Barry Jay Baker , Corporal, is assigned to C CO, “Charlie Company”, 2nd BN “Battalion” , 12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, U.S. Army. He was from Oakland,California; the family moved to Hayward and he graduated from Tennyson High School, Class of 1966; Hayward, California. he was born May 07, 1947, died in combat on November […]

Henry E Benton, Arthur D Edgerton

Arthur ‘Chuck’ Edgerton, Jr

Now that Veterans Day has passed. Doesn’t mean its time to forget our friends or relatives ! Arthur ‘Chuck’ Edgerton, Jr graduated from Tennyson High school, Class of 1966, at Hayward, California. He enlisted sometime, after graduation and entered the U.S. Army and member of Aero Rifle platoon, Charlie Troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry, 101st […]

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